Social media marketing
Top tips to improve your content creation strategy

Published May 2018 by Leanne Millar BSc

It's a process not a task!

Social media marketing is not much different from cooking dinner for your fussy eating children. You're likely to have to make several attempts over a period of time before you manage to get it right and then the consumers will more than likely change their mind about what they like and don't like.

This is today's social media marketing and it's ever changing with a lot of so-called experts telling you what you should and shouldn't do. There are no right and wrong answers when it comes to social media, it's trial and error and a lot like cooking for your fussy kids it's about trying to make things fresh and helping them choose vegetables.

So without further ado, these are our top tips for successful social media management. This is what has worked for us, worked for our clients, and ultimately provides you with a steady growth and longer-term retention which for us is the ultimate growth. Users who actually interact with our content.

Firstly, you should always know who you are feeding, what they like and don't like and what you want them to eat. In the business, this is known as the "strategy".

Secondly, you should use fresh ingredients, some frozen is fine but ultimately the fresher the better. Having said this if you make something, put it in the freezer to be warmed up at busy times. There is nothing wrong with warming up a frozen meal as long as the ingredients were fresh in the first place. Translated into social media. Create fresh engaging content, you can re-use things and you can share other people's content but try to create fresh engaging content of your own as much as possible for a healthy balanced social media platform.

Thirdly, portion control. Translated into social media terms, it means don't post too often. If you're posting scheduled content for every 10 minutes of the working day your overkilling and you will lose subscribers. Just like if you feed a child every ten minutes of the day it's firstly likely to vomit and secondly likely to refuse your food.

Finally, make a note of what meals get eaten quickest and most often. In social media terms. Keep an eye on your statistical data to see which posts are working best at engaging your consumers. Post these types of post more often and invite your followers to get in touch and communicate with you.

These are just the very basics of social media marketing, a lot like the board game "Othello" this takes minutes to learn and years to master. Don't necessarily listen to all of the "social media experts" trust your instincts, remember you are a subscriber of your own content, what is it you would like to see? If you haven't got time to manage your own social media accounts using a business to manage them for you is perfectly fine but be sure to have regular strategy meetings, discuss what you want and agree set outcomes with the team you hire.

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