Design Systems and Processes.
Why your company should have one?

Published June 2018 by Leanne Millar BSc

Firstly what is a design system?

So like all areas of a business your company need a design process, policy and procedure. A design system is a set procedure which ensures that your companies design is consistent across all of your brands' output. It's a bit like ensuring that your health and safety policies keep your staff and customers from injuring themselves. Having a design system allows you to make sure that your brand doesn't injure itself. As with all systems within your business, a design system is a living document which means it changes consistently throughout its lifespan.

How do I know if I need a design system?

Ask yourself these questions.

  1. Do you have social media platforms?
  2. Do you have a logo?
  3. Do you create documents for internal and external use?
  4. Do you have a website or app?

If you answered yes to any of them, then the answer is YES. YOU DO NEED A DESIGN SYSTEM.

What should be included in a design system?

Size - What are the correct sizes for different projects, for example, social media images and banners, also font-sizes for headings, subheadings and paragraph texts? Consistency - What are your colour schemes? What patterns and shapes do you use? What are your icon styles?

Efficiency - Do you want your designers and developers to be more efficient and productive? Which project management techniques do you use for which types of projects? For example scrum boards, quadrants etc.

Teamwork - Do you have projects which involve multiple people working on them at the same time or concurrently? If you do you may want to consider how you are going to keep track of this and how they can keep track of where they are at with a project.

Do I need to hire someone to create a design system for me or can I do it myself?

The answer is simple. Of course, you can do it yourself. The real question is how important is your brand continuity to you, how much time have you got to research into creating the right policy or procedure and how much do you already know about design systems. Truthfully for the price that it would cost you to pay a professional, it may be more cost-effective for you in the short-term and long-term to just hire somebody to do it for you.

If you are looking to create a design system and would assistance then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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