Goals for the New Year

Published January 2018 by Leanne Millar BSc

Why set goals?

If like me you are a business owner who seems to have a never-ending list of jobs to do, quite often it is easy to become overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed is like cancer to productivity, slowly taking over your mindset and reducing your natural functioning capacity. As business owners, we set many types of goals. Long-term goals for the company, short-term goals for the company and daily goals for ourselves. A list of tasks split into bite-size manageable chunks.

Over the past three months, I have been working closely with an expert in goal setting and beating procrastination Julie Lightfoot alongside my personal accountability group, I have first hand witnessed the benefits of setting goals and creating a realistic timeline to work from. Here is what I have achieved in three months.

Professional Achievements

  • Built new company website
  • Created new marketing videos for company website
  • Drastically improved personal skills within Adobe After Effects (Something which I haven't touched since university in 2003.)
  • Completed a client photo and video shoot. Including editing and compiling the final video.
  • Learned how to use a Green Screen to professional level
  • Learned about new features on trackpad mouse and how to use them
  • Trained one client in basic computer skills overcoming their fear of technology and computers in general
  • Completed three client websites
  • Overcame my fear of WordPress. With the help of Stephen Mullen
  • Managed to sort out taxes and found myself a very good accountant.
  • Spoke publicly twice, presenting about web development and internet safety.
  • Negotiated the start of three students who will be joining us for work experience
  • Wrote up policies, processes and training manual for The Kick-Ass Donkey Group Limited
  • Created a filing system for both business files and e-mails digitally and in print. With the help of Bhavick Chauhan
  • Organised all said files and archive files and e-mails. (Incidentally well over 30,000 items)

Personal Achievements

  • Sorted through all of my personal files and filed them into a filing system (20,000 files)
  • Sorted out the outhouse including all tools, wires and other random things which were shoved in about 10 boxes waiting for me.
  • Packed all of my house into boxes ready for moving minus a few quintessential belongings for day to day use.
  • Arranged a house move
  • Kicked some arse for Granddad in order to ensure his care needs were being met.
  • Negotiated good deals on all bills for a new home, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Completed a personal DVD project for a family member for Christmas (which I've been putting off for four years))
  • Created artwork for every room in the new house, printed, laminated and framed.
  • Got my teeth fixed at the Dentist.
  • Plus many other personal achievements which I would like to remain private.

This goes to show that when you set daily or weekly goals alongside your monthly and annual one's you are much more productive and achieve a great many things. As we take these first steps into a new year I continue to set my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. I action plan both personally and professionally, and I have a clear timeline in which I want these things to be achieved by.

What goals are you setting for this year? What would you like to achieve?

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