Terms and Conditions

Last updated and valid from: 13/06/2018


The Kick-Ass Donkey Group Limited agrees to provide you with a top quality service at a fair price. Through The Kick-Ass Donkey Group Limited you can access a range of business services as advertised on our website. You pay a standard £40 per hour regardless of the job. We document each hour of work and provide you with complete access to any files and data we store about your company. We reserve the right to change our prices. This will not affect any hours you have currently purchased but will affect future hours you purchase from us.

Any fees that the project incurs such as premium plugins, SSL Certificates and SMTP will be billed additionally and are not included in any quotes for billable hours. Any printing costs are not included in the costs of billable hours. We are not responsible for work carried out by any companies we recommend. It is a recommendation and we caution you to use due diligence when making a decision based on our recommendations as with any other business decision you will make. If you do however have a negative experience with a product or service we have recommended, please inform us.

Being one of our top-up clients does not automatically make us available to you without consultation. During busy periods we may have a waiting list and you will be informed of this as you top up your account for the project. If you would like to discuss having us as your "permanent" marketing team. Please be aware that their may be a chargeable retainer fee in addition to our hourly rate. This is to ensure that we reserve a set amount of hours each month to work on your marketing with little notice. Allowing us to always be there for you as and when you need us, without letting down our other clients in the process

What you can expect from us.

We will provide a quality service and will keep working on a project until you are happy with it. We only bill you for the hours we work on your project. A general status update does not count as a billable hour, however, a telephone, online or face to face project meeting will be billable after the initial consultation. We use a digital project management tool for project communication and attend project meetings only at the request of the client, these will be billable in advance. We use a time-tracking tool to monitor the length of time spent on projects. We may on occasion screen record our work on a project to allow us to improve our service. This data is kept secure on our company cloud hard drive which has limited access

What we expect from you.

We are a top-up agency and cannot commence work on a project or consult past the initial consultation unless your account is in credit.

We expect feedback by given deadlines in order for us to manage your project accordingly. Feedback needs to be detailed and honest. Don’t worry about hurting our feelings its part of the design process, and it’s what you’re paying us for. If feedback isn't given within set time frames we reserve the right to terminate the project and refund any hours paid which have not been utilised.

The Kick-Ass Donkey Group Limited only works with reputable and ethical companies. If at any point we gain knowledge that your company acts or has acted unethically we may cease to work with you. You agree to act ethically upon signing this agreement and understand that any outstanding deposits will be donated to charity should you break this agreement and be removed from our client list.

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